04 May 2011

New Content Unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2011 Demonstrates Optimal Furniture Arrangement

Presenters from UCLA and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will be unveiling a new program that will automatically design the most desirable layout for pieces in various rooms based on rules pre-defined, such as "couches should face the television for optimal viewing" or "furniture should allow doors to open inwards". They do this by extracting relationships and then running everything through various optimization steps. Different optimized final outcomes are possible.

The group has used the program to optimally design everything from a living room to a sewing factory to a Chinese restaurant. They creatively titled their paper "Make it Home: Automatic Optimiziation of Furniture Arrangement."

Here's an example for an ideal layout given the equipment and furniture located inside a sewing factory.



Image Credit: UCLA and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

To view their YouTube video, click here.