26 April 2012

SIGGRAPH 2012 Exhibition Sales Exceed 2011 and Still Surging

SIGGRAPH 2012 provides the year's largest, most comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive techniques marketplace. As of today, SIGGRAPH 2012 exhibition sales are exceeding the past three year’s sales pace at this point in the conference life cycle and continue to surge. In fact, this year the Exhibition has surpassed the final 2011 exhibit numbers.

Mike Weil
"The SIGGRAPH Exhibit Hall has become notorious for delivering the newest leading hardware systems, software tools, and creative services. Not only are we witnessing an influx in exhibition sales, but also in first-time exhibitors as well. We are pleased to welcome several new exhibitors that bring with them some of the industry’s most cutting-edge and advanced technology," said Mike Weil, SIGGRAPH Exhibits Manager.

He continued, "SIGGRAPH 2012 first-time exhibitors include Infinite Z, producers of an all-encompassing virtual holographic experience, Leonar3Do with their virtual reality desktop kit, and VanGogh Imaging, delivering the latest in mobile 3D apps.”

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View more information on becoming a SIGGRAPH 2012 exhibitor or advertiser.

Here's a list of 2012 exhibitors as of today:
1031 3D Consortium
1114 3D3 Solutions
1020 3DTotal.com
951 3DVIA
1013 3Dconnexion, Inc.
923 3dMD
709 AMD
550 ARM
1011 ASC-American Cinematographer
534 Academy of Art University
919 Addison-Wesley
905 Andersson Technologies LLC
911 Animation Magazine Inc.
500 Autodesk, Inc.
328 Avere Systems
326 Axceleon Inc.
1022 CLO Virtual Fashion, Inc.
929 CRC Press / A K Peters
745 Cap Digital Paris Region
813 Cast Group
807 Computer Graphics World
1025 Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency
955 Crescent, Inc.
231 CyberGlove Systems
217 DAZ 3D
1008 DePaul University
334 DigiPen Institute of Technology
1000 Digia Plc - Qt Commercial
1026 EDGE 3 Technologies, Inc.
901 EMC Isilon
957 Elphel, Inc.
345 Enochview Digital Art Co., Ltd.
335 Esri
553 F Track AB
1050 FXGear, Inc.
1001 Fusion-io
230 Hardcore Processing
622 Hitachi Data Systems
1123 IATSE
1106 IdN World
522 Imagination Technologies
316 IntegrityWare, Inc.
317 Intel Corporation
200 Isotropix
304 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
1018 JourneyEd.com
658, 759 Khronos Group
329 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
309 Korean Creative Content Agency
1004 Lightspeed Design, Inc.
1137 Lightwork Design Ltd.
907 Louisiana State University, Center for Computation & Technology
510 Lumiscaphe
1101 Luxion
723 MAXON Computer GmbH
825 Morgan Kaufmann/Focal Press
717 Motion Analysis Corporation
634, 735 NVIDIA Corporation
701 NewTek, Inc.
544 Next Limit Technologies
223 NorPix Inc.
350 OC3 Entertainment, Inc.
245 Objet Geometries Ltd.
753 Ontario Canada Delegation
610 OptiTrack
831 PNY Technologies
516 PipelineFX, LLC
644 Pixar Animation Studios
301 Pixologic, Inc.
237 Point Grey Research Inc.
330 Purdue University, Department of Computer Graphics Technology
801 Ringling College of Art and Deisgn
260 Robert McNeel & Associates
1115 Ross Video
300 Savannah College of Art and Design
845 ScanlineVFX LA
837 Shotgun Software, Inc.
528 Side Effects Software Inc.
244 SpeedTree
310 Spheron - VR AG
913 Springer
322 Stratasys 3D Printers & Production Systems
1007 Studica, Inc.
323 Tandent Vision Science, Inc.
652 TechViz
1145 The Bakery
1014 The CGAL Project
248 The University of the Arts
336 The3DShop.com
1037 Thinkbox Software Inc.
1030 Toon Boom Animation, Inc.
1105 VanArts - Vancouver Institute of Media Arts Ltd.
236 Vancouver Animation School
1124 Vancouver Film School
729 Vicon
819 Wacom Technology Services, Corp.
234 Web3D Consortium
1161 WorldViz
925 Xsens Technologies B.V.
354 Z Corporation
1029 Zygote Media Group, Inc.
314 cebas Visual Technology Inc.


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