20 July 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013 Computer Animation Festival Releases Statistics Prior to Open

SIGGRAPH 2013 Computer Animation Festival recently released interesting statistics about this year's new batch of amazing films. The Festival is recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a qualifying festival. Since 1999, several works originally presented in the Computer Animation Festival have been nominated for or have received a "Best Animated Short" Academy Award. This year’s selections will be featured through a series of daily Festival Screenings and the iconic Electronic Theater, allowing attendees to get a glimpse behind the making of computer-
generated effects, visualizations, and animations.

Fun Facts:
  • More than 500 submissions
  • 10% more content resulting in 8 hours of more content in Daytime Selects
  • There are 104 pieces selected for the Computer Animation Festival this year
  • The Electronic Theater is scheduled to show 33 pieces (18 of which are also screened in Daytime Selects)
  • There are 89 pieces across 9 Daytime Select Categories which are:
    • Advertising (18)
    • Games (12)
    • Demoscene (10)
    • Shorts & Features (16)
    • Traditional & Stopframe Animation (5)
    • Student Films (12)
    • Visual Effects (10)
    • Music Videos (6)
These categories were developed to make it as easy as possible for the attendees to see the work that is most important to them since time is so valuable onsite. Thus planning on what to attend becomes far easier.
Want to have a taste of the films?  Click below:
More Fun Facts:
  • There were 239 student submissions and most were of exceptional caliber according to Smith.
  • There was an international outreach for content, specifically selected entries were from:
    • 16% from Asia
    • 49% from Europe
    • 3% from Middle East
    • 4% from Australia/New Zealand
  • There were award winners from Germany, Poland, and France
“Every piece in the festival has something that made it stand out from the 40 hours of content submitted for this year’s show,” says Jason RM Smith, SIGGRAPH 2013 Computer Animation Festival Chair. “There's no other venue in the world comparable to the Computer Animation Festival; each year we're honored by the amazing number of high-quality entries and every year the show grows. This year we're screening 10% more content; as the quality continues to improve it becomes increasingly difficult to select the best of the best."


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