30 April 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013 Educators Focus

SIGGRAPH 2013 features five days of talks, technical sessions, hands-on exhibits, networking opportunities, and affinity groups specifically geared towards educators.

On Sunday, 21 July, a pair of co-located workshops held at the Hilton Anaheim is being offered specifically for educators: "Processing as Intro to CS" and "Drawing Machines." Also on Sunday, SIGGRAPH 2013 kicks off with the popular "Introduction to Computer Graphics" course for educators and others who want a complete, concise summary of this dynamic field.

On Sunday, 21 July and Monday, 22 July, more than 15 Birds of a Feather sessions focus on a variety of education-related topics, including 3D printing technology, integration of art and science, worlds of art and music, open source in graphics education and more. One session ("Studio View of Demo Reels," on Sunday, 21 July) focuses on game designers' demo reels and the other ("VFX Student and Intern Showcase," on Monday, 22 July) showcases visual-effects production. Other sessions explore open standards, undergraduate research, and multi-disciplinary collaboration in education.

SIGGRAPH 2013 offers several courses that focus on the subject matter that educators teach and/or subjects that educators may want to integrate in their teaching like VFX, physical computing, and new interfaces for musical expression. On Tuesday, 23 July, Art Papers such as "Early History of French Computer Graphics" and "The Emergence and Growth of Evolutionary Art 1980-1993" help students and educators understand the historical context of their academic pursuits.

Production sessions for games and films provide even more opportunities for educators to learn about state-of-the-art applications. And, of course, educators can (and should) see the annual Computer Animation Festival, new products in the Exhibition, Emerging Technologies, and interactive/hands-on activities in the Studio.

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